Who is Young Zodwa (Shanel Madlope)?


Young Zodwa (Shanel Madlope) is a presenter, MC, performer, dancer and social media influencer. She trended on the South African social media space after some photos of her went viral.

Real name Matwa Fifi, Young Zodwa (Shanel Madlope) was born February 18, 2004 (Age 20) and hails from Bushbuckridge. The dancer came from a poor and broken background and this really affected her growing up.

Abandoned by her mother when she was barely 18, Young Zodwa (Shanel Madlope) had to sort out her needs alone and this influenced several of her decisions. Few years to her Matric, she dropped out of school and applied to become dancer in pubs around Bushbuckridge, there she would dance to entertain guess.

Years later, she moved into mastering ceremonies and fine-tuned her vocals, which enabled her to become a backup vocalist.


Family Issues
On several occasions, Young Zodwa (Shanel Madlope) has accused her mother of sabotaging her life and not wanting her to progress. She claimed that her lack of family support led her into certain lifestyle.

“Guys pls stp blaming me for dancing and entertaining people its were i get money so i can live for once my mother dnt want to help me to get an ID book im struggling a lot i jst dnt no what to do pls dnt judge me coz u dnt no were i come from u might take it as a joke or what but deep down I’m so broken helpless i cnt even eat…wen i try to go back to skul my mother sabotage me embarrass me upfront of my class mate she dnt want to see me progressing in my life…if someone no my mother pls try to talk to her that i need an ID book so i can apply for sassa grant atleast i wil have something pls dnt judge me help me” – Shanel Madlope posted on her Facebook page.

Social Media Bullying
Shanel Madlope has been a victim of social media bullying. On several occasions, she has been mocked and insulted for her appearance, with many using her pictures for memes.