Who is Xo Grootman (Themba Selahle)?


Forex trading is one of the leading and engaging activities for youths in the country, and this has resulted in many Forex experts exploiting the naivety of amateurs who are trying to earn a living through Forex trading. Through these scams, supposed experts promise great returns on investment through their services. Xo Grootman, whose real name is Themba Selahle, is one of the leading conmen in this sector. The Forex trader and social media influencer is the ex-fiancé of Gcinile Twala.

Background & Biography
Xo Grootman (Themba Selahle) is a Forex trader and social media influencer. He is well known for his opulent lifestyle and explosive relationship with Gcinile Twala.

As a youngster who always quick to flaunt wealth on his socials, Xo Grootman found it easy to lure unsuspecting youngsters into his web of scams. Over the past couple of years, the fraudulent trader has swindled unsuspecting investors of their money.

Scam Activities
On several occasions, social media users have called out Xo Grootman for failing to keep his promises of growing incomes and profits with the deposits of subscribers. He has also failed to allow his victims to recover their capital.


In 2022, after plenty petitions and distress from South Africans, The Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) issued a statement advising the public to desist from engaging Xo Grootman in any financial activities

“The Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) has warned the public to be cautious when doing any financial services business with Themba Selahle aka also known on social media as @Xo_grootman. Mr. Selahle allegedly offers to trade in forex on behalf of members of the public. He promises high and unreasonable returns to clients and is alleged to ignore them when they attempt to withdraw their funds or their profits.” – FSCA

Relationship with Gcinile Twala
Xo Grootman & Gcinile Twala’s relationship started in 2021 and flourished over the years. Considering how Xo Grootman constantly spend lavishly only Gcinile, their relationship became known and referenced by almost every one in the country.

In 2022, the two welcomed their first child together, a baby girl and their relationship ended two years later in a very bitter and scandalous way in the year 2024.

Months after their breakup, Xo Grootman asked Gcinile Twala to return every expensive gifts bought by him in matters of days. Xo Grootman didn’t stop there, he was alleged to have leaked a private video of Gcinile Twala which trended in the Social media space in May.

Relationship with other Women
Before Gcinile Twala was brought into the picture, It is reported that Xo Grootman has two children by two different women, Nene Muleya and another who is not known by name.