Everything you need to know about Lebo Phasha


Lebo Phasha’s birthdate is on the 22nd of October in an undisclosed year. She gained significant attention on Twitter starting from June 2019 for various reasons, whether positive or negative, depending on how one interprets her circumstances. Despite challenges, she courageously followed her heart and chose to be with the man she loves. While some accuse her of snatching Nhlanhla Nciza’s husband, others argue that the marriage had already encountered issues before her involvement, with the couple trying to keep their difficulties private.

Lebo Phasha’s Twitter responses from Nhlanhla and TK Nciza’s supporters show a blend of feelings. Some back her, while others criticize her strongly. Despite being called a homewrecker, she pays little attention to public judgments. The lovely lady is simply enjoying her life to the fullest.

Who is TK Nciza ?


Lebo Phasha’s former partner, a footballer, separated from her. She has now found happiness with TK Nciza, and rumors suggest they have been in a relationship since 2015. In June 2020, they both shared similar pictures on their Instagram profiles along with intriguing messages that caught people’s attention.

Who is Nhlanhla Nciza ?

Nhlanhla is the wife of TK Nciza and a legendary singer known for her exceptional style in African prints and patterns. She belongs to the acclaimed South African group called Mafikizolo. Discover the stunning photos of the lovely Lebo Phasha and all the details about the unfolding story.
Nhlanhla Nciza’s Instagram post in June 2019 nearly plunged the entire Mzansi into sadness when she announced the dissolution of her 15-year marriage. The Mafikizolo vocalist chose not to elaborate on the reasons behind her choice but asked for privacy to protect her children.


TK Nciza, the Gauteng Secretary of the African National Congress (ANC), and his partner, Lebo Phasha, have reportedly called off their engagement.

Their unusual social media behavior led to rumors that they have supposedly ended their relationship. As per the controversial blogger Musa Khauwla, the pair removed each other’s photos from social media. Khawula also mentioned in his X post that Phasha has stopped wearing her engagement ring. “Lebo Phasha and her partner TK Nciza have erased each other’s images on Instagram. On multiple occasions, Lebo Phasha has been seen without her engagement ring.”