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Dj Tshegu also known as Tshegofatso Petlhu, got her start at just five years old and has now become a top amapiano artist in Mzansi. She’s celebrating 17 years as a DJ, learning from her father, DJ Shala. At 22, her hit song “Tiya Mfana” with Focalistic is blowing up on social media. Another way to put it could be, A prominent figure in the amapiano music scene, began her career at a young age and is now a celebrated DJ with a viral hit, Tiya Mfana.



DJ Tshegu shared, ‘My passion for music began with my dad, who was a DJ. I used to accompany him to his gigs, where I picked up the art of DJing. He DJed for Bloemfontein Celtics, mainly during their home games. I observed him perform, and eventually, I started DJing myself. This is when my family noticed my love for music and my desire to pursue it,’ she explained. The DJ also delved into music production and collaborated with various South African artists, leading to the creation of Tiya Mfana. ‘I never imagined I would venture into production during my upbringing, but I pursued production studies after high school, focusing entirely on it.

This path granted me the opportunity to work in the studio with renowned individuals. I absorbed knowledge about music through observation, understanding the intricacies of music creation, which sparked my passion for it.

“While crafting Tiya Mfana in the studio, I envisioned a specific collaborator for the track. I carefully selected Focalistic because his lyrics resonated with the story I wanted to convey through the music,” she explained. Reflecting on the song’s success, DJ Tshegu expressed her astonishment, saying, “The overwhelming response to the song is beyond my expectations. I never anticipated its rapid growth. I remained patient, expecting a longer journey to recognition. The unexpected success fills me with gratitude, and I am thankful for the support from everyone.”

DJ Tshegu’s breakthrough came in 2023 with her debut track “Mzokwana,” which later received a remix featuring Focalistic, the “Presidente Wa Straata” himself. This collaboration sparked a significant social media trend lasting for months, leading to industry recognition and a growing fan base for the talented DJ. The success of the hit single opened up numerous opportunities for DJ Tshegu and her team. Curious about her journey, we sat down with DJ Tshegu for an insightful interview. During our conversation, she shared valuable insights into her story, work ethic, and determination towards her career. This interview provided a deep understanding of her experiences and motivations. Join us on this enlightening journey through DJ Tshegu’s perspective in the interview below.”